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healthy grassOK, so you’ve paid LawnAmerica hundreds of dollars to properly seed your lawn. We’ve prepared the soil with good aeration. We provided the best high-quality fescue seed, with zero weed or other crop seed. We applied a good starter fertilizer and organic soil amendment. Now all you have to do is wait for the seed to come up and your lawn will look like this in three weeks, right?

WRONG! Without proper irrigation on a consistent basis, not much is going to happen to germinate the seed and grow the new seedlings. Water is the key, as without it, plants die.

We leave detailed watering instructions after seeding which explains how to properly irrigate a newly seeded lawn. Basically, keep the seedbed moist for at least 10 days with watering several times daily if possible. After the seed germinates, you can cut back on the watering frequency, but the soil must not be allowed to dry out. The seedlings are fragile with a weak root system, so it takes months for that to develop. Gradually, you can increase the duration of irrigation, while cutting back on the frequency.

We are in one of those warm and dry periods we often get in Oklahoma falls, so Mother Nature is not helping us much at this point. So we really need the homeowner to do their part in watering their lawn and seeded fescue. It also takes months before seeded fescue will mature and thicken up to be a dense turf. Those tiny seedlings will eventually grow into larger bunches of fescue, so it really does not take many seedlings per square foot to grow into a beautiful fescue turf. It’s going to be next March though before that fully happens, so be patient.

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