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Our phones have been ringing off the hook lately with customers noticing the fall webworms are already invading their trees. It might seem worse than usual this year due to a number of factors, primarily the higher than usual rainfall we received and the foliage in trees being more dense. Most of the time, we… Read more »

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Short answer: Yes. Lawn aeration is helpful and essential for all types of turf. Different types of turf benefit from aeration at different times of the year though, so it’s important to know what type of grass you’re working with before aerating. We are about to fire up our aerators for the summer now, they… Read more »

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Maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the summer can be challenging. Every summer brings its own unique challenges and it’s more than just hiring a lawn care company and keeping up with the mowing schedule. Here are 10 tips to make sure you are giving your lawn everything that it needs. 1) Mowing As I mentioned… Read more »

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I was looking through some of our blog posts from back in June of 2015 to refresh my memory on some of the issues we faced that summer after a (then) record-setting amount of spring rain. After all of the hours spent worrying about tornadoes, levees, and rainfall this last month, my brain was pretty… Read more »

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With the late spring rains, be on the lookout for Brown Patch turf disease soon in fescue lawns. High humidity, excessive rainfall, and warm temperatures are the perfect ingredients for turf disease such as Brown Patch to develop. There are three things that must be present for turf disease to occur… a susceptible host, fungi… Read more »