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Throughout the year, your lawn is susceptible to damage from all kinds of things like too much sun, too little sun, too much rain, too little rain and the list goes on and on. There are also many potential problems lurking below the surface in the soil. This time of year one of the major issues we come across is grub damage. Often, we don’t realize there is a grub problem until your lawn is already injured.

A white grub is the immature or larval stage of the June Bug or Japanese Beetle. When dug up, they are C-shaped, gray or white in color with a brown head. Adult beetles lay their eggs in the soil to develop and mature where they feed on the roots of your grass until they emerge as adults. Did you know if your lawn had grub damage last year, it has an 80% chance of being damaged by grubs again this year?

Grub worms are difficult to spot unless you are specifically looking for them. They hide out below the surface of your lawn feeding on the root system of healthy turf. Grub damage looks similar to drought damage in your lawn, often you can pull the brown turf up like freshly laid sod if left untreated. Grub damage to roots reduces your lawns ability to take up water and nutrients needed to be healthy.

In the past, our grub control program consisted of 2 treatments, one in early spring and the second treatment around September. This year we are using a new product that just hit the shelves called Acelepryn that provides season long grub control with just one application. Not only is this a positive thing for customers only having to pay for 1 application, the product is also safe for bumble bees, honey bees and earthworms too! Acelepryn also provides control of caterpillars including sod webworms and many other lawn pests.

Grubs are looking forward to your turf coming out of dormancy just as much as you are so it’s always best to take a preventative approach to your yard rather than a reactive one. Call us today or ask your route manager about our single application grub control program today!

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