Tree & Shrub Care

Since 1999, the lawn service specialists at LawnAmerica have been providing exceptional tree and shrub care for home and business owners looking to maintain the health and beauty of their valuable plants. By utilizing our targeted tree and shrub fertilization techniques, we are able to help our clients get the unique results they desire. Our team can address any landscape problems which develop during the season.

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Tree & Shrub Care Program

When implementing our fertilization methods, we treat trees and shrubs in a manner that increases their resistance to damage caused by disease and insects and promotes a more vigorous growth. We use proven and effective fertilization methods to ensure our clients' trees and shrubs grow at their optimum rates. By using specific nutrients, we are also able to enhance the growth and appearance of your trees and shrubs, while also making sure they are naturally more resistant to disease and insects.

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Azalea & Rhododendron Care Program

Rhododendrons and azaleas are a beautiful addition to any landscape, providing bright flowers each spring that enhance the curb appeal of any property. With proper care and maintenance, these plants will provide your home with years of beauty. At LawnAmerica, we offer a 2-Step Program that is designed to provide the necessary care to keep your rhododendrons performing their best.

The first application of LawnAmerica's 2-Step Program is a liquid application of a dormant oil and a systemic insecticide. The combination of these two products both provides foliage protection and prevents lace bug damage by being absorbed by the root system.

The second application of LawnAmerica's 2-Step Program is a granular application of:

  • Slow-release granular fertilizer
  • Granular sulfur to help lower pH
  • Granular organic fertilizer
  • Granular systemic insecticide

The combination of these products applied from mid-May through June, after the blooms are finished, will provide the necessary nutrients to your rhododendrons and help to set the stage for a beautiful spring the following year.

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Photinia Care Program

Photinia belongs to the rosaceous family. Several different species of Photinia are grown for landscaping including Photinia serrulata, Photinia glabra and Photinia x fraseri, which is a hybrid. Due to its bright red, immature foliage, Photinia x fraseri is the most popular species being grown today. It is more commonly known as the "red tip." While this shrub is fast-growing and beautiful, they are susceptible to leaf spotting. LawnAmerica offers effective services through our Photinia Program, which is aimed at controlling leaf spots on Photinias.

Our Photinia Program provides three timely applications of a fungicide which will help combat and prevent leaf spotting. The first application is applied in late March or early April at bud-break, and the following applications would be applied at regular, four-week intervals.

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Late Fall Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Late fall is the best time to fertilize most trees and shrubs. At LawnAmerica, we inject a liquid blend of vital soil nutrients, along with an organic soil amendment, into the soil around the dripline of trees and shrubs. With this, the nutrients are efficiently absorbed and utilized by the plants into the following spring. This helps with the health and growth of your landscape ornamentals and trees so that they will better withstand the stress of weather, insects, and disease. Your trees and shrubs are an important part of your overall lawn and landscape, so caring for them is a great investment. We recommend this annual service to be done every late fall/early winter for the overall health of your trees and shrubs.

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