Is That Crabgrass I See?

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Working side by side with Mother Nature in the lawn care world definitely has its perks.  We get to be outside and enjoy the fresh air each day.  We get to stay in shape and keep a pretty decent tan; well if you consider a farmer’s tan decent.  We also get to enjoy the beauty… Read more »

Is it Cheaper to Treat Your Lawn Yourself?

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Along with the squirrels, rabbits and other animals that have been poking their heads out with the warmer weather, I’ve seen some of my neighbors also begin to emerge into the sun and begin to get ready for the green season. Every year I see people who set out to do their own lawn care… Read more »

Why is LawnAmerica Pre-emergent Superior to Others?

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The best way to control weeds such as crabgrass and other summer annual weeds is with a pre-emergent herbicide applied in early spring. This needs to happen before crabgrass seeds germinate, which typically begins in late March here in Oklahoma and on into April, May, and June. So as long as the pre-emergent is applied… Read more »