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With all of the rain we’ve received so far this spring, everything is greening up nicely now. We’ve received an above average amount of rainfall so far this year, which definitely helps the green up! If you have a Bermuda yard, you might be starting to see some brown circles or dead spots in your turf. A common turf disease we see around this time of year is called Spring Dead Spot.

It’s caused by a common fungus, which makes its way into the turf in the fall. The symptoms don’t actually appear until the following spring, with circular dead circles that range in size up to several feet in diameter. Usually the surrounding turf is healthy and green, sometimes the dead spots have weeds growing in them. If you have a severe case left untreated, you’ll sometimes see the spots in the same area of your yard each year.

Even though it has the name Spring Dead Spot, there’s not a whole lot of ways to fix this in the Spring. The dead areas will eventually fill back in with Bermuda as the summer goes on, there are things that you can do to help speed everything up though. Raking out the dead thatch from the circles and filling with a thin 1/2 inch layer of good topsoil helps. You could also dig the dead spot out, fill the hole with some good soil and place some fresh sod on top, be sure to match the same type of bermudagrass as your lawn though if you go this route.

We have a preventative program we can do in the fall which has helped lessen the severity of Spring Dead Spot. We apply a fungicide in the fall, which is when the fungus infects the turf. We can take notes or pictures of the yard in the spring so we know where to focus our fall treatment, which is applied in 2 separate treatments 4 weeks apart once the weather starts to cool down. Just because we apply the fungicide doesn’t guarantee your yard won’t be affected, but we have seen good results in eliminating or cutting back on the amount of damage done. If you might be dealing with Dead Spot, just let your route manager know and he will get you set up for a timely fall application!

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