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As most of you know, our core service here at LawnAmerica is taking care of grass. We have always believed it’s better to do one thing great than doing ten things good. As we have grown over the last 20 years, lawn care has remained our main focus, but we have also been able to… Read more »

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The new year is hitting full swing here at LawnAmerica and you are probably already seeing our trucks out and about. Although it doesn’t seem like it now, spring is right around the corner and we are already out getting the pre-emergent in the ground before the crabgrass has a chance to germinate. A timely… Read more »

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During this time of year, not a day goes by that we don’t hear, “Wait, you guys are LawnAmerica, you do Christmas lights too?” I chuckle to myself and wonder what they’d think if they knew the whole story of the long ribbon of history Christmas Décor weaves throughout LawnAmerica’s 20-year tenure. Or if they… Read more »

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We’ve all seen Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. Aside from A Christmas Story, it’s aired more than any other holiday movie. There’s something in Christmas Vacation that every family can to relate to. Some families have a grandma who wraps up her jello salad or their cat, other families have a Cousin Eddie parked out… Read more »

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Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well. -Robert Louis Stevenson Well it’s Veterans Day. That means I have something to write about and get to dump my feelings out onto my computer screen. I’m not going to lie, this post has been hard for me to… Read more »