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“Why do I have all the small clumps of ‘dirt’ all over my yard?” is just one of the many questions we get during the course of the week.

So we thought we would take few minutes and give you the ‘dirt’ on earthworms and their castings.

Worm castings are the remnants of the digested organic matter produced by earthworms. As they consume the material, they output castings in their path. When it rains they come to the surface, and these piles of castings can be clearly seen where the earthworms have exited the ground.

Although they may be unsightly for a time they are far more beneficial than just a pile of ‘dirt.’

These castings are some of the most nutrient and humus rich natural fertilizer known to man!

As an integral soil and plant amendment, these castings are like a one-a-day vitamin for the soil with all of the nutrients they pack. They also help the soil clump together for better water absorption as well as oxygen and nutrient exchange.

You can actually buy worm castings in bulk for a couple of dollars per pound but its best to do your research first.

Earthworms play a much more prominent part in the soil biology than most people care to know and these are just a few of the benefits. So next time you see the small piles after a rain, don’t be alarmed. It’s just the earthworms saying hello and letting you know they are hard at work making your soil RICH.

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