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Can you believe it is April already?

If you are like me, looking at the temperatures and the landscape, it sure doesn’t feel like April.  We just had one of our colder Easters in Oklahoma this past weekend.  The trees are barely leafing out in most cases, and much of the bermudagrass has still not greened up yet.  It seems like Winter just won’t let go this year!

But, rest assured, warmer weather is coming.  With the warmer weather, we will have green lawns and more flowers soon.

Here at LawnAmerica, we are wrapping up our spring pre-emergent applications over the next couple of weeks for new customers.  For existing customers, we are busy applying your Round 2 fertilizer application, so we can make sure that your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to come out of dormancy successfully.

In addition to our core programs, now is a great time to get signed up for our 4-Step Perimeter Pest Control Program to help keep the bugs outside; where they belong.  Also, don’t forget that we are still offering a $50.00 Bonus, in cash or credit, for every friend or neighbor you refer that signs up for service.

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