Weed Control in Beds

Weeds can also be a problem in ornamental shrub and flower beds. We only treat the turf areas with our regular treatments, but we do offer an optional service to apply special products into ornamental beds to help control many weeds. Without turf to help choke out weeds, it’s impossible to completely eradicate and control weeds from popping up in your shrub beds. However, with our Bed Weed Control Service, you’ll be hand-pulling much less in your beds.

The most important thing you can do to prevent weeds in your ornamental beds is to keep a thick layer of mulch in them. About a 4” layer will help prevent many weed seeds from germinating, and help preserve soil moisture also. Your beds will also just look nicer with good mulch. With our service, we’ll apply a special plant-friendly granular pre-emergent named Snapshot in early spring and again in early fall. This helps prevent many grassy and broadleaf weeds from germinating. Then, during one or two of your summer treatments, we’ll apply a special grass killer named Fusilade, which can be sprayed over the top of your desirable plants without harm, while killing bermudagrass and other grassy weeds which have grown into your beds. This is much more effective than trying to pull out the bermudagrass which grows in from the turf.

One weed we cannot control with this program is nutgrass, so you will need to continue to hand-pull it as it comes up during the summer. So while we cannot prevent all weeds from coming up in beds, this program does greatly help.

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