Mole Control

North America contains six different species of moles. Among these six, only three may be infiltrating the beauty of your yard. Although moles offer the positive service of insect control, they pose a greater threat to your lawn. Due to weather changes, moles and gophers seem to become increasingly more present. If you have moles and gophers compromising the beauty of your lawn, LawnAmerica can help!

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Talprid Mole Baits

When you secure our assistance and subscribe to our LawnAmerica Mole Control program, we will promptly set up to 5 Talprid Mole Baits in the active mole tunnels in your yard. When buried in the soil, these worms only contain enough poison to control moles as opposed to larger animals or humans. Talprid Mole Baits are pet and child friendly. After a few weeks, our team will return to monitor the progress and, if necessary, set more worms into active mole tunnels.

If, upon further review, we determine that Talprid Mole Baits are not the right option for you, we will connect you with two highly-trained mole and gopher trappers that our company highly recommends. As one of our valued customers, you may contact them directly, inform them of your subscription to LawnAmerica, and receive their high-quality services for a discount. We have found them to be very honest, reliable, and effective. They charge per mole or gopher actually killed.

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