Bermudagrass Mite Control

Bermudagrass Mites are an ever-increasing problem. There are two primary factors that have led to this increase in recent years:

  1. Changing weather patterns and warmer winters seem to play a role.
  2. The two most popular insecticides that were for the treatment of mites were taken off the market about 10 years ago due to EPA regulations, and the replacements aren't as effective on Bermudagrass Mites.

While there is no miticide or insecticide that has the Bermudagrass Mite on the label, university research and our experience has shown that at least two liquid treatments of insecticides, such as Bifenthrin, applied about a week apart can provide some control of the mites. We also add horticulture oil to help smother the mites and their eggs.

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