Weed Control in Beds

While our regular lawn care treatments are designed for areas with turf, we have a specific program to treat weeds in ornamental flower beds. The customer favorite is our 4-step program, but we also have up to a 6-step program available for higher maintenance properties.

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Our Process

We apply a special plant-friendly granular pre-emergent named Snapshot in early spring and again in early fall. This helps prevent weeds such as crabgrass, foxtailgrass, spurge, nutsedge, and bermudagrass, to name a few. Then, during one or two of your summer treatments, we’ll apply a special grass killer named Fusilade, which can be sprayed over the top of your desirable plants without causing them harm, while killing bermudagrass and other grassy weeds which have grown into your beds. This is much more effective than trying to pull out the bermudagrass which grows in from the turf.

This program is also especially crucial for homeowners with nutsedge, because the more it’s pulled, the worse it gets. Nutsedge is especially tricky because, unlike crabgrass that can be effectively removed by pulling it out of the ground, nutsedge continues to sprout new growth from an underground network of bulbs each time it’s pulled, making it grow back fuller and fuller.

What Can I Do to Prevent Weeds?

Homeowners can also make a big difference in preventing weeds in their ornamental beds by keeping them filled with a thick layer of mulch. About a 4” layer will prevent many weed seeds from germinating, preserve the soil moisture, and keep your beds looking fresh. While it’s impossible to eradicate all weeds, you’ll be glad you signed up for this program, because it will help immensely with your curb appeal and give back some of your valuable time.

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