Primo Turfgrass Growth Regulator

Would you like to cut down the frequency of your lawn mowing? At LawnAmerica, Inc., we offer Primo MAXX, a plant growth regulator product that cuts down the growth of turfgrasses. This product can be applied to all forms of turf. When you use Primo MAXX, you increase the growth of your turf’s roots and lateral shoots. This creates more space between shoot nodes, which gives the roots more room to grow, therefore creating root growth that is more compact. By ramping up lateral growth and slowing vertical growth, you create turf that is much stronger and healthier.

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Why Choose Primo?

Research has shown that applying lawn care programs that incorporate Primo MAXX from the start allows turf to better survive various types of seasonal stresses, such as plant diseases, heat, and drought. When you use Primo MAXX, you do not have to worry about irrigation or rainfall washing it away for up to 12 hours after the product is applied. For adequate fertilization, make sure to use this plant growth regulator on turfgrass that is of high quality. Primo MAXX serves as an ideal addition to your LawnAmerica service, as it can easily be incorporated with any of our full programs.

How Does Primo MAXX Work?

Primo MAXX is able to control plant growth because of its key ingredient, trinexapac-ethyl, which temporarily stops the creation of a plant growth hormone called gibberellic acid. When the product is applied, the grass plant’s foliage takes up the key ingredient, which makes its way to the plant’s point of growth. The product then kicks into effect, causing the treated areas to grow at a slower rate, therefore producing shorter grass blades. Basically, it promotes root growth and not top growth, which not only saves you time, but also benefits the health of your turf!

How Often Should I Have It Applied?

Primo will provide good growth suppression of bermudagrass for about 5-6 weeks. Therefore, if you would like season-long growth suppression, we recommend three treatments during the summer, spaced about 5 weeks apart. We have found that with this schedule, you’ll be able to decrease your mowing frequency to once every two weeks, saving you time and money.

Another great area where Primo can help is during your summer vacation. Have us apply it a week before you leave for vacation, mow before you leave, and you will come back after even two weeks to a lawn that will not be out of control with excessive growth.

We recommend Primo only be applied to bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. If applied to fescue during the summer, it will slow down turf growth so much that Brown Patch disease will be a problem.

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