Fescue Seeding

Tall fescue is a cool-season grass that generally performs well in semi-shaded or sunny areas of lawns. However, with the hot, dry summers we've experienced, along with turf diseases such as brown patch, fescue will typically thin out or even die during the summer. Therefore, in order to maintain a thick turf, you usually need to overseed during the fall so new grass plants can be established into the turf.

Because fescue is a bunch-type grass, it will not spread out with runners or underground roots the way bermudagrass and zoysiagrass will. So once it's gone, new seedlings need to be introduced. Seeding is much cheaper compared to sodding fescue, but you will have to work harder with proper watering in order to germinate the seed and nurture it along. At LawnAmerica, we believe that seeding, if done properly, will provide a superior turf than sodding.

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Our Seeding Process

Our seeding process consists of several components:

  • We use aeration or double-aeration to help break up the soil for better seed-to-soil contact. This allows more efficient watering. In some cases, we will use a slit-seeder to slice seed into the soil.
  • We sow a good rate of a quality, custom-blended seed consisting of Avenger Tall Fescue, Firecracker Tall Fescue, and Titanium LS Tall Fescue.
  • We apply a starter fertilizer to help with germination and growth of grass seedlings.
  • We rake bare areas.
  • We leave you with detailed watering instructions, which must be followed religiously!
  • We return in about 3 weeks to overseed any thin areas with more fescue seed.


Our pricing ranges from 4 cents to 11 cents per square foot, depending upon the size of the area seeded, the condition of the turf, and the processes needed for seeding. For example, if the turf is in fairly good shape, a light overseeding with a single aeration may be all that is needed. Or, you might not even need aeration, which brings the price down. However, we usually recommend at least a single pass with the aerator.

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