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It’s the first day of August, in Tulsa Oklahoma, and it feels more like October. And that’s fine by me, after the many scorching hot summers we’ve experienced here lately. And my rain gauge measured 3” of rainfall over the past few days. Heck, we couldn’t buy even an inch of rain in 2011 and 2012! These types of good, soaking rains are great for the turf and trees in Tulsa, as the soil moisture gets down deep.

So give your irrigation system a break, along with your water bill. Just turn it off and let things dry out for up to a week. In most cases your lawn and landscape will be fine. In fact, while the very top of the soil will dry out, turf roots will grow deep into the soil, picking up that deep soil moisture which does not dry out as quickly. This is what turf grass managers want, is good and deep root systems. So these rains we’ve experienced this July have been perfect for that.

Trees have been beat up during the past few years, so these summer soaking rains are great for them also. I’ve never seen things so lush and green during mid-summer, so I expect the insects that feed on trees, shrubs, and turf will be having a smorgasbord as summer progresses. Be on the alert for bugs then chewing on your plants, and contact our staff horticulturist if needed.

And, you heard it first here, on August 1st. We are long overdue for a serious Fall Armyworm invasion in Tulsa. Now I’m not predicting that, but I will say the conditions are right, and we are due, to have an invasion this fall. So if they come, you can say I’m a genius. If not, then we can just hide this blog in the deep recesses of LawnAmerica and I’ll deny saying that. But if I was you, I’d be on the alert and have my lawn insecticide ready. Last major invasion we had was about 13 years ago I believe, and many stores ran out of product to kill the Armyworms. We have plenty at LawnAmerica.

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