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fall leaves

What a beautiful fall we’ve had in Oklahoma! For that matter, we’ve had a pretty good year overall with the weather for us who are responsible for growing grass and caring for lawns and landscapes in Tulsa. I recently spoke to the O.S.U. Master Gardeners class about lawn care in Tulsa, and told them that we are basically urban farmers, with grass as our crop. And just as farmers are subject to the whims and challenges of Mother Nature, so are we in the lawn care business. We’ve had our share of challenges the past few seasons with drought and hot temperatures especially. However this year has been great, and I’m very thankful for that.

Thanksgiving will be here soon…..a time to give thanks for all the blessings we enjoy. So allow me to express my thanks to our customers who we have the privilege of serving. Our customers allow us to do what we do, in caring for their lawns and in helping the community we all share. Our customers help to put bread on the table for about 50 families and growing. Our customers help make us better people, as they challenge us to get better, work harder, and provide them with great results. So thank you!

It’s at this time of the season when you can spend less time in mowing and watering, due to the cooler weather of late fall and winter. So enjoy it while you can. For that last mowing of the season on bermudagrass or zoysiagrass, I recommend mowing it rather high, at about 3” or so, in order to leave a thick layer of dormant turf to insulate the root system over the winter. Fescue will continue to grow some, and mowing while bagging helps to remove leaves from your turf, which is important for fescue seedlings especially.

Much of our staff also transitions into Christmas elves at this time of the year, providing Christmas lighting for many customers. So contact us soon if you’d like to lessen the stress of the Holiday season with the gift of lights from Christmas Décor.

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