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The best defense against weeds is always a thick, healthy, well-fertilized turf. However, even the best of turf will be invaded by weeds, so weed-control will be needed for a weed-free turf that homeowners desire. We try not to use the term “weed-free” at LawnAmerica, because it’s almost impossible to provide a turf that never has weeds, even under the best of circumstances. We can come pretty darn close though at LawnAmerica with our very best 7-Step Showcase Care Program. With our services, we can control weeds, keep them in check, and prevent them from taking over a lawn and becoming an eyesore.

barricade1The best way to control weeds chemically is with pre-emergent herbicides applied in spring and then again in fall, before the influx of germinating summer and winter annual weeds. We do things a little differently than most of our competitors with this, providing better results with fewer treatments compared to most. The spring pre-emergent, which controls summer weeds such as crabgrass especially, needs to be applied and watered into the soil before crabgrass germinates, which in Oklahoma, usually begins from very late March into April. We use the best product on the market, Barricade or Prodiamine as you will sometimes see it. Other companies may use this same product, but it seems that more and more are applying it at a half rate very early, as in January or February, and then again 4-5 weeks later in March or April.

My question is, “Why does it take two treatments of pre-emergent applied, while charging the customer twice, before crabgrass even germinates?” We apply a one FULL rate of Barricade with our Round 1 treatment, along with a post-emergent for any existing broadleaf weeds, and a very small rate of nitrogen fertilizer for the turf also. So we do in one treatment what more and more of our competitors are taking two treatments to do. It’s a dirty little secret of some lawn care companies, and I think its borderline unethical. The reason they do it is basically for cash flow. At the very least, it’s not giving the customer the best value for their lawn care dollars.

LengthofCrabgrasControlAt our rate we use, Barricade will provide 6-7 months of crabgrass control, which is plenty to get us well into summer with good control. With our Round 2, we are applying a quality super slow-release fertilizer to get the turf green and growing faster in spring. We then come in 4-5 weeks later with a unique product named Echelon, which most companies do not use. Echelon has a half rate of Barricade applied in the May/June timeframe, which is a much better way to “beef up” the pre-emergent in the soil compared to applying that booster application of pre-emergent in late winter. And with Echelon, it contains post-emergent weed-control also for superior nutgrass control, along with controlling any broadleaf weeds that have popped up in late spring.

The bottom line is LawnAmerica not only uses the BEST PRODUCTS, we apply them at their PROPER RATES, and at the PROPER TIMES when they are most effective. And, we have the BEST PEOPLE applying these products, which is a real key to great results. And, we have the BEST GUARANTEE…..just contact us if weeds persist after a treatment and we’ll come out for FREE to take care of that, and continue to come out until you are satisfied with the results!

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