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With such great weather in Oklahoma this February, we are making good headway with our customer’s R1 Early Spring Weed-Control Treatments at LawnAmerica. This weed treatment really sets the stage for a more weed-free lawn this year by preventing crabgrass and other summer annual weeds from germinating.

We do not use the blue turf dye in our liquid treatments as some companies do, but rather invest our money on products which actually help the turf, such as herbicides and fertilizers. Our LawnAmerica Managers and Technicians are good and experienced enough that they don’t need to color the lawns to see where they have sprayed. It’s not necessary if things are done properly. And, our LawnAmerica customers don’t really like to have their dogs and kids feet blue for weeks on end.

One thing which I really question in our industry is the fact that more and more companies are applying two spring pre-emergent treatments, when with today’s products such as Barricade, only one is needed if applied at the proper full rate. For example, this is right off of the website of a local competitor, showing applying, and billing the customer, for TWO treatments.

1. Early Spring – Pre & Post-emergent application for crabgrass & broadleaf weed control.
2. Spring – Pre & Post-emergent application for crabgrass & broadleaf weed control.
3. Late Spring – Special Start-up Fertilizer and spot treatment for grassy & broadleaf weeds.
4. Early Summer Fertilizer with Turf-Booster and spot treatment for grassy & broadleaf weeds.
5. Summer Complete Fertilization and spot treatment for grassy & broadleaf weeds.
6. Late Summer Special Winterizing Fertilization and spot treatment for grassy & broadleaf weeds.
7. Fall Pre & Post-emergent crabgrass & broadleaf weed control to prepare for spring weeds.

So why do they do that?

It’s simple….cash flow. By applying half of the product very early, and then coming in 4-5 weeks later for the other half, it makes for two very profitable applications at the start of the season. At LawnAmerica, we give our customers the full value for their lawncare dollars, with a full rate of Barricade. Our Round 2 then consists of a super slow-release fertilizer, which will green-up the lawn sooner, and provide good color for up to 11 weeks. This allows us to then use the Echelon product for superior nutgrass and broadleaf weed-control in our Round 3, while applying a booster application of Barricade in late spring when the lawn really benefits from it.

The bottom line is that LawnAmerica does things right, from an agronomic standpoint, and from the standpoint of giving our customers the best value for their lawn care dollars. We may be a few dollars higher per application, but we give our customers the best products, with the best people, and the best value. Our program is unique, and has proven to be the best available, as our 13,000 customers in the Oklahoma region can testify to.

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