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Why aren’t my Weeds all gone?

One week after spraying.

Many new customers start service with LawnAmerica during March and April, and often with a lawn full of weeds which are growing faster than the turf. Oftentimes there is purple henbit covering the lawn, along with chickweed, dandelions, and annual bluegrass. And since the bermudagrass is brown and dormant still, anything green such as weeds really stands out. So our LawnAmerica guys come out to spray our Round 1 pre-emergent, with also Trimec post-emergent herbicide in the mx to control those existing weeds.

After mowing, weeds dying.

Sometimes a week later or so, new customers will call and ask us why they still have weeds. Well, contrary to what some folks may think, we can’t come out and wave a magic wand or apply our secret formula of weed-control making the existing weeds just disappear within a week or so. It takes time for Mother Nature to do her thing, and allow those weeds to die, especially when they are flowering and mature. Broadleaf weeds that are prevalent now in home lawns actually will grow themselves to death by the effect of the Trimec herbicide applied. They will curl, even grow more, and take on a mutated effect while slowly turning yellow, then brown, and shutting down.

But they don’t just disappear! And it often will take a second treatment to really bring those weeds under control, while at the same time the bermudagrass or existing turf greens up and begins to grow and help crowd out those weeds. The brown dead vegetation will take time to decompose also.

Homeowners can greatly help out with the speed of the weed-control with the following:

  • Mow down those dying weeds about 5-10 days after the first treatment. By then, the herbicide is into the plant causing it to basically grow itself to death. By mowing, that not only removes the dead vegetation, it also helps stimulates the weed to try to grow, which will then speed up the death of the weed.
  • Water in not only the pre-emergent, but watering some also helps those dying weeds to try to grow more, which in reality is speeding up the death because of the mode of action of Trimec herbicide. And watering will help the existing turf grow more, which always helps by crowding out weeds with competition. We want the turf to win!
  • And last but not least… patient! Once we build up the health and thickness of the turf, and we apply our important late fall weed-control treatment, this time next year your lawn will be practically weed-free.

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