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You may notice that sometimes lawns in the neighborhood are blue after they are treated by a lawn care company. So what’s up with that? Does the blue color make the lawn healthier? And why are some blue and not others?

Some companies add a blue turf dye to their mix so that their technicians can see where they have sprayed. It adds nothing to the turf or the soil, and is an added expense to the mix. And it can be messy, getting picked up by shoes, dogs, etc. and tracked into the house. We don’t use it at Lawnamerica for these reasons. And, our guys are experienced enough and well-trained that it’s not needed for them to do an accurate application. There is an art to treating lawns, and our technicians are artists! They follow the rules and know what they are doing.

On larger lawns, we use a ride-on machine with a boom to spray for weeds. With this, we have added a foam marker that puts out a little blob of harmless soap bubbles every so often on the outside edges. This enables our guys to see where they have sprayed without the hassle and expense of blue dye. We’d rather put our money into products that actually help with weed-control, like quality pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent herbicides.

blue lawn

Is this ugly or what?




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