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You know it's finally turning springtime in Tulsa, as some lawns and turf areas are turning blue or light green. It's not because the bermudagrass is greening up or changing colors, but rather a dye or paint that some lawncare companies in Tulsa use as a marker. There is no agronomic benefit to the blue or green color, it just shows the applicator where they have been, so as not to over or under-apply weed-control products. That's fine for someone who may be inexperienced, or not trained very well, since they can just be told to go out and paint the lawn blue. But in this particular case, as you can see, the appicator missed areas, and overapplied other areas, leading to inconsistent pre-emergent weed-control.

At LawnAmerica, we don't use the blue dye, as our Technicians are well-trained, experienced, and know what they are doing. As long as the proper techniques are used in spraying, there is no need for the dye. We'd rather invest our money into products that actually help control weeds, with quality pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent weed-controls. Plus, the dyes are messy, with homeowners tracking the dye into the home, blue dogs, blue fences and buildings, etc.

The blue dyes will eventually fade out with time. The important part of the mix are the products in it to help control weeds. We use Barricade pre-emergent, the best on the market, applied at a strong rate. It does need to be watered into the soil within a few days in order to activate the product. It's very dry in Tulsa, so your lawn will benefit from irriation also. Once in the soil, it stays there for up to 7-8 months, before degridation by soil microbes. For our 6 and 7-step customers, we apply another booster application of Barricade in about 3 months, along with nutgrass and broadleaf weed-control.

Even the best pre-emergent products, if not applied correctly and at the proper time, will not be effective in providing great weed-control. But you don't have to have a blue lawn to get there….you just need the right company and the best technicians applying the products.

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