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Comparing lawn care programs and pricing can be a lot like trying to understand the difference between the colors lime green and chartreuse.  So let’s see if we can shed some light on a common question; are two pre-emergent applications better than one?

First of all, weed control products in their most basic forms break down into two major categories

  • Pre-emergent Herbicides – These are products applied before (pre-) weeds begin to germinate. The timing of application depends on the product and the type of weeds to be prevented.
  • Post-emergent Herbicides – These are products applied after a weed has germinated to kill the weed through various modes of action.

Post-emergent herbicides can also be broken down further into Selective Herbicides and Non-Selective Herbicides.  Roundup is probably one of the most recognized non-selective products, meaning that it is supposed to kill everything it is sprayed on, weed or grass.   Selective Herbicides, on the other hand, are usually labeled for specific types of weeds and are only effective on those types of weeds.

Lawn care companies all have access to the same chemicals, though it seems that everyone has their own model of success.  Some companies apply a single pre-emergent to prevent weeds like crabgrass while others split it up and apply two rounds of pre-emergent.  The question is, does one method outperform the other?

To answer that question, we have to establish that regardless of how many times a company applies a pre-emergent, there is a maximum amount of product that can be applied over the course of the year.  Programs that apply a single application of pre-emergent usually apply at the higher rate, giving as much as eight months of control.   Programs that apply two rounds of pre-emergent will decrease the rate of the product by half for each application.  So in reality, you are getting the same amount of pre-emergent, just spaced out by a month or two.

At LawnAmerica, we choose to apply at the high-end of pre-emergent rates and complete the process in a single application.  We feel like this provides the most value to the homeowner and allows us to invest in better fertilizers and post-emergent products for the second application of the season, rather than selling you the same service twice.


So back to the question; one or two applications?


The answer is both are effective options when applied according to the manufacturer’s label.  The biggest difference comes down to cost.  Do you want to pay twice for something that can be accomplished once?

If you haven’t had a pre-emergent application yet this year or if you aren’t sure if you got a full rate of pre-emergent from a previous application, give us a call, we can make sure you are covered.

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