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With the rains and saturated soils, the weeds have come into lawns and landscapes in full force. Yes, the turf loves the rainfall, but so do many weeds, such as nutgrass and summer annual weeds. Generally, a thick and healthy turf will help prevent many weeds from germinating, but not all. Pre-emergent herbicides also help with crabgrass and grassy weeds, but are not as good with broadleaf weeds.

So expect to have more weeds than normal on into early summer. Our 6 and 7-step customers are currently receiving our Echelon weed treatment with their Round 3, which does a great job of knocking out nutgrass and other early summer weeds. It also provides a booster application of Barricade pre-emergent, which is important this season with all the rain. Pre-emergents do break down sooner when the soil is constantly saturated, so let’s hope it dries out soon. And, this booster treatment will help to replace any pre-emergent that has broken down, extending good control of weeds on into summer.

Service calls for weeds are free for full-program customers, as long as it’s been less than 30 days from a previous lawn treatment. So never hesitate to contact us by phone or on our website if you are in need of a free service call.

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