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If there is one question that we get asked a lot during the course of the year, it is “When is the best time to seed Fescue?” The answer to that question is right now, if not sooner.

The Autumn season is the best time of year to establish or over-seed a Fescue turf for several reasons.

  1. Fescue prefers the cooler temperatures that Fall provides. It is warm in the day to help with germination, but no so hot as to stress out the new seedlings, and then ground temperatures are generally cooler.
  2. Usually in Oklahoma, the entrance of Fall brings with it some much needed moisture that new Fescue seedlings desperately need. That hasn’t been the case yet this year, but we are still hopeful.
  3. Fescue that is established in September or early October will have the entire winter to develop a strong, healthy root system that will help better prepare the plant for the hot summers we typically experience.

We, at LawnAmerica, offer Fescue seeding services from mid-September through mid-October. In our seeding process we cultivate the ground using core aerators and rakes, we apply our custom LawnAmerica Fescue seed blend (which has NO weed seed), we fertilize with a combination of liquid fertilizers and an organic soil amendment as well as following up in 3-4 weeks to insure that seedlings are germinating properly.

If you have Fescue turf or need Fescue turf, don’t delay seeding, whether you do it yourself, or enlist our help. A little of bit of time and effort spent this Fall will pay dividends in a beautiful turf next Spring!

If you need our help, I recommend that you call soon. Our schedule is almost full.

And I almost forgot, don’t forget to water, or pray for rain (or both)! It’s pretty dry out there.

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