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Non toxic

I recently was driving down Memorial, and noticed a brightly colored car with big graphics saying, "Non-Toxic Pest Control". The worker was outside his car visiting with someone, with a big cigarette hanging out of his mouth. "Something is wrong with this" I thought to myself. Here is a guy claiming he can control bugs with stuff that is non-toxic, implying that other methods are toxic, while he is sucking in air from a known carcinogen….nicotine. Cigarettes are the leading cause of preventable death, but here he is driving around with his "non-toxic" solutions to killing a few bugs making us feel better about using his company. Truth of the matter is that even the residue of the nicotine of his smoking is more toxic than the pesticides used in the pest-control business in Tulsa.

Lot's of everyday products we use are toxic, IF they are not used according to directions, or if they are used improperly. I can put salt on my eggs in the morning to make them taste better, or I can kill myself with salt by ingesting too much at one time. The gasoline I put into my truck allows me to drive to work rather than walking. That's a good thing, as I'd be late every day if I had to walk. But it's also toxic, as it can kill if used improperly or ingested. LawnAmerica does not provide in-home pest control, but we do offer outside perimeter pest control. I do know that the pesticides used by reputable companies are safe if used properly, and pose no unreasonable risk to people, pets, and the environment. There is no research out there that states pesticides used for controlling bugs causes cancer. But there is plenty of research showing that smoking will cause cancer, heart disease, and death.

So give me a break Mr. claiming that you are saving the world while you kill yourself with nicotine guy! And what about your spouse, or your kids? You are exposing them to a known carcinogen also, while you are out peddling your product. We use weed-control products at LawnAmerica with no hesitation, as they are proven to provide great benefits to our customer lawns and our urban environment, with very little risk if any at all to the public. If anyone would be concerned about lawncare products and their safety it would be me and our employees, as we work around them every day. I've treated thousands and thousands of lawns in my 28 year lawncare career, and I'm healthier than most guys half my age. And we are always looking for better, even safer solutions for our customers, using new products such as Specticle Herbicide and Holganix Organic Soil Amendment. These products are practically non-toxic, without even the need for a signal word on the product label.

Don't let the mis-information of a few people who often don't know the science behind the products sway you on the decisions in controlling insect pests, disease, or weeds. The professionals at LawnAmerica know what we are doing, use the best and safest products, and will use them judiciously. Oh, and we won't show up with a toxic nicotine cigarette in our mouth also!

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