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“But we’ve had all this rain this year,” I heard a customer say as they looked at their brown lawn that was green a few weeks ago. Yes, the rains we’ve had from May through July were sure nice, and caused Tulsa lawns and landscapes to be nice and green all summer for a change. But now that we are into mid-August, it’s back to more of what we typically experience in Tulsa, with hardly any rainfall for the past few weeks. So if one still has their hose and water sprinkler in the garage or you’ve not used your irrigation system, it’s time to start!

Turfgrass needs about 1.5” of moisture per week to perform well and stay green. And that assumes that good lawn fertilzation is done along with other cultural practices. Other issues in addition to water stress in turf can cause brown spots, such as turf disease, grub damage, bermudagrass mites, and late summer armyworms to name a few. Since homeowners see their lawns every day, contact LawnAmerica if you see any problems cropping up and we’ll come out and diagnose the problem.

LawnNow if a homeowner is doing all the right things such as good watering and mowing, and LawnAmerica is performing our lawn care services, then most likely your lawn may look green and lush as this zoysiagrass lawn does. Zoysiagrass and bermudagrass are both warm-season turf, so as long as proper nutrition and good soil moisture is present, they are going to look great in August. So irrigate well now in order to green-up your lawn and help prepare it for the coming fall season and winter dormancy.

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