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What a summer we are having this year! One can actually go outside during the day and enjoy it. Our lawns in Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma are actually thick and green, compared to burnt and brown as they have been in many recent years. Whether global warming is just not all that it is cranked up to be, or we are just catching a break with a different weather pattern, I'll take it.

With all of the rain, I've not had to run my sprinkler system that much either, which is nice. For healthy turf, about 1.5" of moisture is needed per week, and for the most part, Mother Nature has been providing that and then some in certain weeks. So just save yourself some money and turn off your sprinklers. Some homeowners and businesses though just keep them running no matter what the weather is like. This is not only wasteful, it also is bad for your lawn. Excessive irrigtion or rainfall will bring about more weed problems, as most weeds love water. Pre-emergent products applied earlier in spring will decompose and break down sooner with excessive soil moisture. Therefore, there may not be enough product left in the soil to stop crabgrass and other late summer weeds from popping up. Turf roots also be affected, as too much water in the soil takes the place of air, so oxygen needed by the roots is absent. So let your turf dry out some before turning on your irrigation.

Excessive moisture and wet turf also causes more turf discease problems, such as Brown Patch on Fescue and Large Patch on Zoysia. So again, just turn off the sprinklers and let the turf dry out some. There is nothing as good as a deep rainfall with 1-2" of rain, which allows the moisture to reach deeper soil levels. This deep soil moisture can be utilized for a week or more, so let the roots use that and keep the topgrowth dry. The soaking rains have also helped our trees and landscape plants recover.

One of the biggest pleasures this summer has been working all day without feeling like you've been beaten up in the process. Our LawnAmerica guys are actually smiling when they get back to the shop, and I'm happy because they can stay out longer into the afternoon to work in such mild conditions. And it's been so cool that I can enjoy a great Oklahoma sunset from the back porch at the Oh Be Joyful Farm!

summer sunset

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