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We finally have some moisture in Oklahoma, in the form of snow and ice. Hey, we’ll take it in any form with it being so dry now. It wasn’t much, so let’s hope for some good, soaking rains soon.

We were able to fire up the snow plows and use some of the truckload of ice melt we have in the warehouse at LawnAmerica though. Some of our trucks are equipped with the capability of adding a plow and a large ice melt spreader, so we are able to help some of our customers with ice and snow control in the Tulsa area. It looks like the snow won’t last long though, and that’s fine with us.

As the snow melts into the soil, it will water in any pre-emergent weed-control applied last week. We are in the middle of applying our Round 1 Early Spring Weed-Control Treatment, and with decent weather, should have all of our customers lawns in the Tulsa and Oklahoma area serviced by early to mid-March. Crabgrass won’t even begin to germinate in Tulsa until late March at the earliest most seasons, so as long as the Barricade pre-emergent is applied before then, your crabgrass issues should be minimal.

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