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It’s been a mild summer with some good rains, for which the lawns in Tulsa and we are all thankful for. However, we knew it would not last forever, as it’s turned hot now with little rain in the forecast. So I know we said you could turn your sprinklers off, but times have changed.

Go ahead and irrigate 2-3 times per week now, which is normal for summer in Tulsa. The good news is that with the deep soaking rains in summer, most turfgrass has a deep root system now, picking up that deep soil moisture. So I suspect that it will need to get very hot and dry before we see brown areas from moisture stress in the turf. Much of that depends upon your soil type.

Sandy soils will dry out quicker, so you’ll need to water more frequently. And as always, water in the early morning if at all possible.

Do continue to keep an eye out for Armyworms in Tulsa. If you see just a few, that’s no big deal. But if you see more than say 4 per square foot, and you can see your lawn literally moving as they march across the turf, then it’s time to apply insecticide or call LawnAmerica ASAP.

And if you’ve not done so yet, raise your mowing height on notch on your bermudagrass or zoysiagrass, as we like to see it a little higher in the fall. This helps to stimulate your root system to grow deeper, which is a great thing for turf.

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