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Everyone knows about the harmless little Venus Flytrap plant. However, this plant had mutated in South America over the past few years, become much larger, and now consumes mice and rats in the jungle floor. Somehow, some plants made it to Texas, and has mutated even more into a totally new species….the Venus Cat Trap, which consumes small cats, and even little fu fu dogs.

Over the past month, we’ve had reports in south Tulsa of the Venus Cat Trap weed sprouting up almost overnight in backyards, along with missing cats and little fu fu dogs.

So it appears to us that this predatory weed in continuing it’s march northward, up into Broken Arrow, Mid-Tulsa, and on up into Owasso.

However, we’ve seen that with the application of pre-emergent weed-control from LawnAmerica, not only will your crabgrass be controlled, the Venus Cat Trap weed will also be prevented from wrecking it’s havoc in Tulsa neighborhoods.

To stop this predatory weed, and most other weeds such as crabgrass from germinating, NOW is the time to act by starting service with Tulsa’s best……LawnAmerica.

That’s no April Fools, as there is a reason why more homeowners trust LawnAmerica for their lawn care needs than anyone else in town. It’s because our people, products, and programs are superior to the others.

Start service now, and SAVE $25 off your 1 st treatment.

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