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The 2014 Tulsa HBA Home & Garden Show starts next Thursday at the fairgrounds. This will be my 25th Tulsa homeshow to work at, along with many other smaller ones. This one is a great show, with most of the professionals dealing with just about anything relating to caring for your home on display. We'll be there with Big Jake, our 9' LawnAmerica guy, and our new puppet show, featuring Robbie as he does battle with weeds in the lawn. Stop by and say Hi this next weekend and we'll give you a gift if you are a current customer. If not, you can sign up for a free estimate, and have a chance to win one of 5 family vactions valued at $2,000 in our Spring Vacation Giveaway.

Today is the last day of February, and while we are recieving a light rain now, it's been the driest first two months of the year ever in Tulsa. We've been encouraging our customers to water their lawns and landscapes, as even during the winter months soil moisture is important for the health of turf, trees, and shrubs. Young and newly planted shrubs and trees especially since their root systems are not developed, need good irrigation.

Winterkill of bermudagrass will probably be an issue, if not a big problem this spring. Keeping your soil moist so that the crown and root system of your turf is not surrounded by dry soil will help prevent winterkill. A dry soil becomes much colder than one which is moist, as water is a heat moderator. Dry land heats up, and cools down, faster than water. Rembember learning that in your old science class? At least I taught it back in the day I was a science teacher. If there is any good news with the cold start to early spring, it's that there is still plenty of time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide in order to stop crabgrass from germinating. With the cold soil temperatures, it will likely be early to mid-April before we see the first flush of germination.

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