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Primo We’ve had some much-needed rain recently in Oklahoma, which the lawns really needed. So your bermudagrass lawn especially may be growing like crazy now with the hot weather, which bermudagrass loves. Did you know that there is an easy way to cut your mowing time in half with the use of Primo on your turf?

Primo is a great product that many lawncare companies have available which slows down the growth of your turf by 50%, reducing the need for weekly mowings. Primo is a turfgrass growth regulator, manufactured by Syngenta Professional Products. It is a liquid treatment that is sprayed on lawns during the growing season. We have been applying Primo to some of our customers lawns for years with great results. Those homeowners who know about Primo and have used it for the most part are very happy, and have us apply Primo several times during the growing season on their bermudagrass lawns. And if you are paying a mower to mow your lawn every week, you can save money by going to every two weeks with the use of Primo. In most cases, the cost of a Primo application is less than paying for 6 mowings instead of 3 during a 6 week period, which is about the length of time a treatment will last.

Not only does Primo slow down the topgrowth of turf, it also enhances turf color, provides a denser turf, and  increases root development. We apply Primo to OneOak Field in Tulsa just for this reason, to improve the quality of their playing surface. Many local golf courses also do the same. Environmental benefits are substantial, with an average of three fewer mowings over a 6-week period, leading to a decrease in exhaust emissions. Fewer clippings means no need for bagging clippings. And a healthier root system will decrease the water consumption of the turf.

I’ve gone on vacation for two weeks at a time during the summer, and with Primo, have come back to a lawn that still barely needs mowing. It’s a great product, which I find that most homeowners still don’t realize is out there. To me, the time savings, environmental benefits, and the fact that Primo really does produce a greener, thicker, more attractive lawn make this a no-brainer decision to use during the summer. For more information, CLICK HERE.

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