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With the rains and now hot weather, your bermudagrass especially may be growing like crazy now. Primo is a great product that has been around for about 20 years now. When applied to turf, it will slow down the growth of the turf by about 50% over a 5-6 week period. The turf more or less grows horizontally more than vertically, giving it a thicker appearance also. Other benefits include stronger and healthier root growth, which helps with nutrient and water uptake from the soil. And, Primo gives the turf a slightly darker green color for a few weeks after application.

Many golf courses and sports fields have known about Primo and used it for years to improve their turf. We are applying it monthly to the baseball field at OneOK Field this summer to help their groundskeeper with their bermudagrass turf. We have some customers who have us apply two treatments every summer to help them cut back on mowing frequency and build a better turf. And if you are going on vacation, have us apply Primo and your lawn will be fine when you return without facing a hay field. With Primo, you can cut back 50% on your mowing frequency, so if you are mowing weekly, you can stretch it out to every two weeks and be just fine. So it's a great time saver, while giving you a healthier turf.

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