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Now that the arctic air has moved back north where it belongs, and the sun has returned, we can finally get some lawn care work done here at LawnAmerica. Pre-emergent for crabgrass and other summer annual weeds needs to be applied by April 1st, so with any good weather, we should be fine. My big concern is the possibility of winterkill occuring on bermudagrass from all of these long stretches of sub-zero termperatures. We shall see later this spring.

Many homeowners think they can do their own lawn care and save money. Reality is, that once a homeowner adds the costs of the products they have to buy at the box stores, the gas to get there, purchase the equipment, let alone the value of their time…'s actually a better value to use a professional company. Go to our Lawncare Calculator, enter in your information on your lawn size, value of your time, etc. and you'll see that using LawnAmerica actually saves you money. Doing your own lawn care takes some expertise, and timing is everything. Professionals such as LawnAmerica know what products to use, at what rates, and at what time. And our service is guaranteed. Try taking your empty bag of weed-n-feed back to Home Depot and asking for another bag, because the first one didn't work!

Professional lawncare companies are regulated by the E.P.A. and the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture. We have to apply the proper products at the proper rates by law. We have to dispose of used containers properly. Many homeowners on the other hand, apply too much product, thinking that more will do a better job. That's not the case, and can actually harm turf. Professionals do not harm the environment with their treatments, and act in an environmentally responsible way.

One of the most valuable benefits of using a professional is the time that homeowners save so they can spend time doing things they really enjoy. Now if you are the type of person who does enjoy working in the yard, knows what they are doing, and has plenty of free time, then I can't argue with that person doing their own lawn care. From my experience, there just are not alot of folks in that category, and could use a little help from the professionals.

Whether you choose to do your own lawn care or use a professional, maintaining a thick, healthy turf has great environmental, aesthetic, and economic benefits. And now is the time to begin caring for your lawn in 2014 with an early spring pre-emergent treatment.

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