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The spring rains have been nice, and it’s great to finally have a season with rainfall at normal or even above average in our area for the first time in many years. But with the rainfall comes the likelihood of other issues, such as a larger mosquito population this summer. Mosquitoes can be a harmful pest in the landscape, with increasing issues with West Nile Virus in particular. So our team at LawnAmerica has expanded our service offerings with new and improved mosquito control solutions.

We use a special backpack blower to apply a fine mist of two products to your landscape around your home, especially in the backyard. These products are the latest in insect control technology, and are so safe they can also be used in the home. But don’t ask our guys to blow the mist through the back door, as that is not going to happen! One of many unique features about these new products from Syngenta is the longevity of control, providing up to 8 weeks of insect control. While many companies will use products which are much cheaper, they don’t last nearly as long and are not as effective as our products:

  • Demand CS is an advanced-generation pyrethroid which control mosquitoes and more than 30 other insects such as ants, fleas, ticks, and spiders.
  • Archer insect growth regulator can effectively interrupt the life cycle of mosquitoes, preventing them from reproducing, and lessening the total population.

The combination of these two great products applied on a consistent basis about every 6 weeks should provide excellent control. We can’t guarantee that you’ll never have a mosquito land on your neck, as this does not provide perfect results. You will see a dramatic decrease in the problem though, allowing you to enjoy being outdoors in your yard this summer and on into fall. Plus, these treatments will help with other insect pests, such as fleas, ticks, ants, and spiders, along with some landscape damaging insects such as aphids.

In 2015, if you subscribe to the full program of 4 treatments, beginning in May, you’ll receive one FREE treatment, with your final service in early fall for no charge. That’s 4 treatments for the price of 3! Pricing per application depends upon lawn size as follows:

  • Lawns up to 4,000’ $59
  • Lawns 4,000’ to 8,000’ $69
  • Lawns 8,000 to 15,000’ $76
  • Lawns 15,00’ to 25,000’ $82
  • Lawns over 25,000’ Call us.

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