Is That Crabgrass I See?

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Working side by side with Mother Nature in the lawn care world definitely has its perks.  We get to be outside and enjoy the fresh air each day.  We get to stay in shape and keep a pretty decent tan; well if you consider a farmer’s tan decent.  We also get to enjoy the beauty… Read more »

Is it Cheaper to Treat Your Lawn Yourself?

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Along with the squirrels, rabbits and other animals that have been poking their heads out with the warmer weather, I’ve seen some of my neighbors also begin to emerge into the sun and begin to get ready for the green season. Every year I see people who set out to do their own lawn care… Read more »

Why aren’t my weeds dying?

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Although we had the first official day of spring this week, we still aren’t fully done with winter temps just yet. Temperatures are still pretty mild but we will start to see the bermudagrass start to green up and come out of dormancy soon. Right now with most of it still dormant and brown, those… Read more »

Invasion of the Purple Flowers

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A sure sign that spring is here are the lawns that suddenly turn purple with an explosion of purple flowers in their lawn. This weed is a winter annual weed named Henbit, a member of the mint family. If you rub it in your fingers, you’ll notice the stems are square and with a minty… Read more »