Fall Fertilization on Fescue

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The last days of summer have faded away, so now is the time to fertilize cool-season tall fescue to strengthen plant and turf roots so that it comes out strong next spring. Late fall is the most important fertilization of the season for fescue. So with the R7 Late Fall Treatment on fescue, we provide… Read more »

Invasion of the Purple Flowers

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A sure sign that spring is here are the lawns that suddenly turn purple with an explosion of purple flowers in their lawn. This weed is a winter annual weed named Henbit, a member of the mint family. If you rub it in your fingers, you’ll notice the stems are square and with a minty… Read more »

What’s Up With These Blue Lawns?

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One sign of spring in the Tulsa and especially Oklahoma City area are all of the brown bermudagrass lawns suddenly transforming into blue lawns. So what’s up with that? The blue color is actually a turf dye that some lawn care companies add into theirĀ  tank mix of weed-control that shows them where they sprayed…. Read more »

Why is LawnAmerica Pre-emergent Superior to Others?

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The best way to control weeds such as crabgrass and other summer annual weeds is with a pre-emergent herbicide applied in early spring. This needs to happen before crabgrass seeds germinate, which typically begins in late March here in Oklahoma and on into April, May, and June. So as long as the pre-emergent is applied… Read more »

Why Do I Have Weeds Now?

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As we get into February and March, it will be apparent which lawns in the Tulsa and Oklahoma area have been cared for and treated last fall, and which ones were left for Mother Nature to do her thing. Winter annual weeds such as annual bluegrass, dandelions, henbit, and chickweed to name a few will… Read more »