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AerationSummer is a great time to aerate a bermudagrass or zoysiagrass lawn in Oklahoma. The root system on these warm season grasses is very active during the warmth of summer, so roots will absorb oxygen from the soil efficiently and new turf roots will grow into the new holes in the soil made by the aeration equipment. Our service will remove thousands of small soil cores about 3.4” wide by 2” deep, and deposit them on the surface.  These plugs of soil will soon disappear, as they “melt” back into the turf with time and water.

Aeration provides several great benefits to the health of your turf:

  • Helps lessen soil compaction and allow better absorption of oxygen by the root system.
  • Helps stimulate a denser root system.
  • Allows water to more easily penetrate into the soil and prevent runoff.
  • Helps control thatch by depositing fresh soil micro-organisms on top of the turf and decompose thatch.

Many golf courses aerate their fairways at least once annually. While this may not fit into the budget of most homeowners, we’d recommend at least every few years to aerate your lawn. At LawnAmerica, we provide this service from June through September, with July and August being the preferable months to do this.  Cool season turf such as Fescue is besAeration plugt aerated in fall, in conjunction with fall fescue seeding.  In this case, we go over the lawn twice with the aeration equipment, which with all the loose soil provided, really helps with seed germination.

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