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Summer is here, and it sure seems to be getting off to a nice start for those of us caring for lawns in the Tulsa area. While we are actually still behind in rainfall for the year, we’ve had some nice rains over the past month, with more in the forecast. Temperatures have not been as toasty as they have been for the past several summers, so that’s refreshing to work in. For the most part, our LawnAmerica lawns are looking pretty good, especially those 6 & 7-Step customers>who received our R3 Echelon Treatment, which provides great nutgrass control and helps with crabgrass and other summer weed-control.

With the rains, you may be able to turn off your irrigation system for a while. Just remember that lawns need about 1.5” of water per week, either from Mother Nature or from your hose or irrigation system. Mowing is also an important cultural practice during the summer. Basically, mow high and often, never taking off more than 1/3rd of the leaf blade when mowing. Now is a good time to sharpen your mower blade also before getting too deep into summer. As long as you do your part in proper mowing and watering during the summer, your lawn should look and perform great.

The only exception to mowing high is if you have a bermudagrass mite problem. Then, you should mow short and pick up the clippings to remove the mites. Otherwise, just grasscycle and leave the clippings on the turf.

And today is election day, with some important elections in Tulsa. I’ve met the guy running for D.A. in Tulsa, Steve Kunzweiler, and he seemed like a good guy. My wife knows Joy Hofmeister, and I know she is an honest, smart, caring, good person, not the villain that the other candidate portrays her as. And being an ex-teacher, and from visiting with about everyone in education I know, it sure seems that Joy is their choice by far. The state Senate Republican primary is another huge race, with three really pretty good candidates. I really like two of them, but the one that gets my vote is the skinny guy with the good, deep voice. Not that this is important, he just seems to be an honest, smart, and sincere guy also…not the typical politician. But whoever your choice, just exercise your freedom and get out and vote for the candidates of your choice.

And as for the best lawn care service in Tulsa, then then votes are in, with LawnAmerica servicing more homeowners than anyone else in Oklahoma. So thank you!

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