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2015 will be the 17th year for LawnAmerica caring for lawns in Tulsa, Northeast Oklahoma, and now the Oklahoma City area. We care for more homeowners and their lawns than anyone in the entire state of Oklahoma, almost 13,000 customers and growing. For that, I am very grateful. We’ve grown not because I’m such a smart marketer, or by throwing a lot of money into advertising, but rather simply by doing a great job and taking care of our customers. That is done mainly due to the quality of people we have at LawnAmerica. Sure, we do use superior products, but everyone says that. We really do though, and we apply them at the right time at the proper rates. See the article on Pre-emergent Weed-Control for more information.

I think we’ve also grown because people like to do business with local businesses that give back to the community we all live in. We often times don’t like to promote the details of our giving, but suffice it to say, that giving back and helping those in need is just a part of why LawnAmerica exists, and many of our customers know this. We strive to give back 3% of our gross revenues to non-profits, schools, churches, and organizations helping people in need. We do this with cash donations or providing free services. So 3 cents of every dollar you invest in your lawn with us ends up going back into our community and our world in helping people.

LawnAmerica now is a major sponsor of a new non-profit in the Tulsa area, the Oh Be Joyful Farm. I have a vested interest in this, as my wife and I are the founders. We basically are helping foster kids and families in the Tulsa and Oklahoma area out at our little 40 acre farm. Please visit our website at to learn more. There are kids who will have their lives changed from the Oh Be Joyful Farm, and it would not exist without LawnAmerica and customers doing business with us. So Thank You!

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