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With the great weather in late January, we are starting our Early Spring Weed-Control Treatment in the Tulsa area this week. Early on, we are using a new pre-emergent product named Specticle, from Bayer Chemical Company. We've used it in trail situations for over a year now. We applied Specticle last fall on most of our Tulsa lawns. It is a new and very good product, with superior longevity and has a broader range of weeds that are controlled. Most pre-emergent herbicices, such as Barricade, do a great job of preventing crabgrass and other grassy weeds, but not so good on many broadleaf weeds. Specticle will stop many broadleaves from germinating, so that spraying post-emergents later in the season can be cut back on.

Preventing weeds from even germinating is always the best way to provide great weed-control. That's what we are mainly doing with our Step 1 Treatment, with Specticle and later on with Barricade. Speciticle is also one of the safest products to use, and is practically non-toxic. We will be treating all of our customers lawns with this great new product in the early fall for winter weed-control, especially with the great poa annua control it provides. The downside is that it is an expensive product. But we don't try to be the chaepest company in town, rather our mission is to be the best lawn care company in Tulsa. And with over 12,000 customers, I think we've demonstrated that.

As long as a pre-emergent is applied properly before crabgrass germinates, which typically is from very late March, through April, and into summer, then one should not have much of an issue with crabgrass. It won't be 100%, and there are other mainly broadleaf weeds which will not be prevented with a pre-emergent (except Specticle). However, trying to have a weed-free, beatiful lawn is not going to happen with a good pre-emergent in the spring and again in the fall. And as always, the best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy, well fertilized, mowed, and irrigated turf.

There are many other factors in obtaining great spring weed-control. Water in the pre-emergent within a few days in order to activiate it. It's really dry now all of a sudden in Tulsa, so turf will benefit from some soil moisture now also. Even dormant bermudagrass needs to have some soil moisture in the winter, especially to prevent possible winterkill if sudden cold temperatures occur later in spring.

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