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Healthy LawnBy now, most bermudagrass areas that were affected by Spring Dead Spot disease are in the process of filling in with healthy turf from the sides. With good fertilization and watering, along with this hot weather we are experiencing, bermudagrass will fill in those dead spots pretty quickly.

Spring Dead Spot is a troublesome disease, which affects only bermudagrass, and especially certain varieties of bermudagrass. It’s most prevalent in lawns that were sodded about 3-12 years ago, and tends to become less of a problem as the lawn matures.

Fall treatments of a special turf fungicide will really help with this problem, with few spots in the spring and faster fill-in of dead areas. Two treatments are required in September and October. Last fall we treated many lawns with Velista Fungicide with good results. As you can see in this picture, the lawn this spring has healthy bermudagrass with few spots present. The fungus infects turf in the fall, so these treatments are needed then to prevent the symptoms of large dead spots in what should be green bermudagrass in the spring. Left un-treated, some lawns that are prone to the disease will be inundated with ugly, brown dead spots every spring.

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