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Redbud TreeI love our state tree in Oklahoma, the Redbud tree. The sudden explosions of red, or actually more like purple flowers signals the arrival of spring in Oklahoma. Redbud trees do well here, with little in the way of insect and disease problems to deal with. They don’t become really large trees and are not that prone to wind damage, leading to expensive pruning or removal bills down the road. With minor pruning, they can keep a nice round shape during the summer and fall. While their early spring color is outstanding, their leaves can become a little scorched during hot Oklahoma summers, and the fall colors are not all that impressive. However they are great additions to our landscapes here in Oklahoma.

Our spring influx of new lawn care customers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City typically hits it’s peak around the Redbud bloom, and for that we are very grateful……and busy. With the early spring, crabgrass is germinating now in some areas, but with our pre-emergent applied soon, we can still have success in controlling this troublesome summer weed. Homeowners who have not been doing much with their lawns are full of weeds now most likely, and often wait until this time of the spring to call a lawn care company. And that’s great, because we can provide better results than most homeowners can and in a more cost-effective way.

While our pre-emergent can stop crabgrass and other grassy weeds from germinating, those existing weeds need to be sprayed with a post-emergent herbicide. The challenge is that it does take some time for the products to work, so patience is needed as they are not going to just disappear within a few days. We recommend that about 4-5 days after a post-emergent weed treatment is done, mow down those dying weeds to remove the dead vegetation and to speed up the kill. Plus, the lawn will just look better with the weeds mowed down to an even level.

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