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Today’s blog is coming to you courtesy of Rodney Warlick. Rodney is 10 year veteran of LawnAmerica, currently serving as the Team Leader in the Owasso, OK area. Rodney’s attention to detail, expertise and care for his customers is second to none.

Greener Isn’t Always Better

As fall makes it way to us, many times our lawns are trying to recover from tough summer conditions and don’t always look their best. Although fertilizer is needed to help the turf recover, proper amounts of nitrogen are important.

Many people believe in fertilizing heavy so that the turf will thicken up and get dark green. Others think the lawn looks bad and isn’t going to recover so why not just let the lawn go without nutrients. Both of these can cause problems for the lawn during fall and into the following growing season.


In order to fertilize turf properly in the fall you need to determine the type of turf and understand how that turf performs in the fall. Bermuda and Zoysia turf require less nitrogen during fall applications because they are simply collecting nutrients and building storage for the root system over winter and to start spring growth.

Too much nitrogen in the fall can cause many problems such as:

  • Increased mowing because too much top growth
  • Increased possibility for spring dead spot in Bermuda
  • Increased severity of winterkill damage
  • Increased possibility for Large Patch Fungus in Zoysia

Cool season grasses are the opposite; they are beginning to grow more with cooler temperatures and will need more nutrients in the fall than what is used in the summer. Although it requires more nitrogen in the fall don’t over-apply because many of these turf types are reseeded in the fall and new seedlings cannot handle higher amounts of nitrogen until they have matured into late fall.

During the seeding process, the use of starter fertilizers that have a balanced analysis such as a 10-20-10 will provide adequate nutrients. Then later in the fall you can follow-up with a little more nitrogen.

Having the best looking lawn in the fall is not always the easiest, but by following proper fertilization techniques it can be done. Right now is also a GREAT time to start with LawnAmerica for your fall applications or fescue over-seeding. Let us allow you to relax and spend your quality time this fall doing what you love, while we do what we LOVE!

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