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I should know better. After writing and telling people not to get carried away with scalping their lawns, planting summer annual flowers, and other springtime activities until after the freeze date, I myself allowed myself to get caught up in spring. Last week I bought 11 new tomato plants to plant in some of my smartpots, which I had left over from my blueberry patch. So I filled them with my special potting mix, and planted a nice tomato plant in each pot, so I could get a jump on growing and picking those red, ripe tomatoes later this summer.

Dead Tomato

My green tomato plant gone bad.

Well, it was wishful thinking that we would not have another freeze at night. I forgot to listen to the weather on the local station, which may not have even been helpful anyway since they are often off several degrees. So as I was down by the garden doing my farm chores Saturday afternoon, I saw my nice green tomato plants turned wilted and purple. “Oh crap”, I hollered at the plants, like it was their fault that I hadn’t covered them up with a tarp or something the previous night. My $40 in young tomato plants wasted, to the pitfalls of our unpredictable and inconsistent Oklahoma weather.

April 15th, I’ve told many about, is the day after which one can safely plant stuff that would be hurt by a freeze. But since I just “hoped” that it would not freeze again, I’ll be planting more next week it looks like. My bad. I should have practiced what I preach. But I’m as ready as anyone to really get into spring weather, and leave the winter of 2013/14 behind us.

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