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One of the challenges that this record-setting rainfall during May has been being able to even mow your lawn in all the mud. And with all of the rain, weed-control has been a challenge. With the excessive soil moisture, we fully expect weeds to be somewhat of a challenge this summer. It’s a combination the turf not being real thick and healthy due to saturated soil, many weeds loving the wet conditions, pre-emergent herbicides breaking down a little sooner than normal, and not being able to mow frequently enough.

If you’ve had a difficult time keeping up with mowing due to the soggy soil and the grass it really high, adjust your mower setting higher than normal, so you can top off the lawn rather than cutting at the normal height. Try to not take off more than 1/3 rd of the leaf blade, which is the rule of thumb when mowing properly. Then a few days later, assuming it does not rain again, you can mow at the normal height and you should be fine.

Nutgrass, or Yellow Nutsedge, is one weed that will be a challenge this year with all the rain. Sedges are not really a grass, although they have thin blades as grasses do. Sedges love to grow in moist conditions, and boy we are living that out right now. Our 6 and 7-Step customers have an advantage with nutsedge control however, since we are wrapping up our Step 3 Treatment with Echelon Weed-Control applied. Echelon specifically targets sedges, and will do an excellent job of controlling it, even preventing it from coming up much into the summer. Nutsedge is a tough weed, and it’s not that with Echelon applied that you’ll never see a strand of Nutgrass in your lawn. We have found that with this treatment consistently applied every year, it really helps cut down on the problems, along with providing excellent control of other broadleaf and grassy weeds.

So now is a good time to upgrade your program level to our 6 or 7-Step if you are currently on 4 or 5 treatments per season so you can take advantage of the benefits Echelon provides. Lawn care is like anything else….you generally get what you are willing to pay for. So the more frequently we can come out to provide service, the better results you will see.

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