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It's time to irrigate you lawn. We are now more in our normal summertime pattern in Tulsa with hot temperatures and little rain. So while overall most lawns in Oklahoma have been looking pretty nice, without consistent irrigation, they will begin to dry out and look bad. Lawn fertilility… long as you are a full program LawnAmerica customer, you are taken care of. But without good soil moisture also, you lawn will not be very green and lush.

If you have an irrigation system, set it to come on early in the morning before the sun comes up, and before our LawnAmerica guy gets there! Usually, about 3 times per week is fine, as long as we do get some rainfall also from time to time. The key though is to water long enough to supply about 1/2" of water each time. This allows the water to get down deeper into the soil where the turf roots are. If you don't water long enough, and most people do not, you'll only be wetting the top inch or so of soil. Therefore, that's where the turf roots will grow, and they will be dependent then upon frequent watering. Plus, weed roots are often shallow, so you'll be watering the weeds. Let the very top layer of soil dry out some….that's OK, as long as you have good deep soil moisture present.

Fescue, being a cool-season grass, often struggles in Tulsa during July and August. Water fescue more frequently if you want it to look nice, but not during the evening. Over-watering leads to Brown Patch turf disease, which often looks like drought stress. During extreme heat and drought

times, it's also good to water fescue during the heat of the afternoon to cool it down, while still leaving time for the turf to dry out before sunset.

So summer is the time of the season when we really need the help of our customers to help their lawns and landscapes look good. We're good, but without water, plants don't thrive. And since we can't water the lawn, nor are we in charge of when it rains or doesn't rain, we need your help!

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