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Natural Choice White BannerWE hear a alot about being “environmentally friendly”, “green”, “organic”, or “eco-whatever” these days. All good and relevant, as we believe it’s important to do what’s right for the earth we all share. Clean air and water, healthy soils, and less pollution are all important things we value at LawnAmerica. Truth is that what we do in improving lawns and landscapes provides real environmental benefits to our urban areas, as long as the products and processes are correct. They are at LawnAmeirca.

Some customers however desire a more natural choice or something with less input of fertilizers and herbicides to the environment, and that’s fine. We can do this with our new Natural Choice Lawn Care Program. With this, you’ll still enjoy a green, healthy, more weed-free turf. We’ll decrease the amount of conventional fertilizers we’ll apply over a season to just two, and these will be more of a slow-release nature. We’ll increase the use of our Soil Builder organic soil amendment, increasing the biological health of the soil so that less fertilizer input is needed. And we’ll apply only pre-emergent herbicides, ones that are safer and can be used at lower rates. We’ll only spot-treat weeds, not apply blanket treatments with post-emergent herbicides. It’s not a true all organic program, but rather organic-based, with the consistent treatments of organic soil amendment. It’s truly a blend of using the science and technology of herbicides and synthetic fertilizers with organic and natural products, producing a more natural looking turf with a few weeds from time to time.

So your lawn will be healthy and green, just not as green as our regular programs will provide. We’ll stop many weeds from germinating, but not all. You’ll have a few mainly broadleaf weeds and sedges. So don’t expect the level of weed-control that our regular programs provide. You’ll need to either go old school and pick them, or just mow more consistently and you’ll not notice many of them. The environmental benefits are that we’ll be able to decrease the input of fertilizers and chemicals by over 50%. So if this is important to you, and you are willing to live with a really good lawn, just not a great one, then Natural Choice may be the best program for you.

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