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The rains this early summer have been nice for lawns in Tulsa and NE Oklahoma. But with the water comes increased mosquito activity. There are things homeowners can do to help control mosquitoes, and we have a new service at LawnAmerica which can help with control also. The key word is control. We can’t eradicate them, but we can cut back on the numbers of pests with our service.

We are testing mosquito control in out Tulsa, Bartlesville, and Grand Lake service areas. This consists of a mist spray of both a conventional insecticide plus a natural mosquito repellent. This needs to be applied in the landscape every 3-4 weeks for best results.

  • Treatment with Permethrin, a widely used and safe synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide that acts in a manner similar to the natural products produced by chrysanthemum flowers.
  • All natural Mosquito Barrier consisting of garlic extract, which naturally repels mosquitos. Totally safe for people and pets.

The Permetherin product will provide good results, as it has been proven over many years to be safe and effective. Consistency is the key, as the product breaks down quickly in sunlight and water, which is one characteristic that makes it a safe choice. We sometimes will switch to another product named Bifentherin, which has good results also.

If you have a special party or outdoor event, we recommend two treatments, one about three weeks before and a follow-up treatment a few days before the event. For general control for the rest of the summer, if you subscribe to three treatments, your fourth treatment is FREE. Pricing is as follows:

Lawn and landscape size up to 4000' $49

Lawn and landscape size 4000' to 8,000' $59

Lawn and landscape size 8,000' to 15,000 ' $69

Lawn and landscape size 15,000' to 25,000' $79

Lawn and landscape size over 25,000' Call Us

For practical tips on how to control mosquitoes in your yard in addition to spraying, go to this link:

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